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Edgerton Programs
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 03/14/2012
21st Century Program's Profile
21st Centry After School Program is being sponsored by a grant of the NWOESC County Offices.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 02/08/2011
The Bulldog Bulletin's Profile
Social Studies, Math
Welcome to The Bulldog Bulletin. Here you will find information about what's happening in grades 4th through 6th at Edgerton Elementary. Visit us often to see what is new for this site is always under construction. If you have any questions regarding this site, please feel free to e-mail us. Have a great day!

Teacher Directory
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 01/06/2017
Mrs. Gayle Adams's Profile
419-298-2332 (Extention 1510)
Primary Kindergarten
My name is Gayle Adams. I have earned a B.A. degree in education from Defiance College and a M.A. degree from Marygrove College out of Detroit, Michigan. I enjoy helping children grow academically and socially.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mrs. Jodi Beals's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1619
My name is Mrs. Jodi Beals. I currently teach 5th & 6th grade math and 6th grade science. I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelors degree in Middle Childhood Education, with math and science concentrations. I also received my masters degree in Classroom Technology from BGSU. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments concerning your son/daughter. Make it a great day!
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 08/14/2016
Mrs. Lindsey Bever's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext. 1522
1st Grade
Hi! I am a 2003 graduate from Edgerton High School. I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Otterbein College in 2007 with a Major in Early Childhood Education (Prek-3rd) and a Reading Endorsement (K-12) as well as a Minor in Language/Culture of the Deaf Community. I went on to obtain my master's degree in Curriculum and Teaching from Bowling Green State University in 2011.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 05/23/2017
Mrs. Kasey Binning's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1606
3rd Grade
My name is Mrs. Binning. I earned a education from Western Michigan University and a M.A. in education from Bowling Green State University.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 11/10/2016
Ms. Angella Burklo's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1617
Science, Language Arts
Hello! My name is Angie Burklo. This is my third year teaching fifth-grade science and English language arts at Edgerton Elementary School, as well as serving as the junior high science club advisor. I received my Associate of Arts degree from Northwest State Community College and my Bachelor of Science degree from Defiance College with concentration in Middle Childhood Education. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your child's progress.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 11/18/2016
Carrie Bussing's Profile
419-298-2331 Ext 1520
1st Grade
My name is Carrie Bussing. I reside in Hicksville, Ohio. My Bachelor's Degree is in Early Childhood Education from Defiance College. My Master's Degree is in Special Education from The University of Toledo.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mrs. Sherri Cooley's Profile
419-298-2331 ext.1518
Title I Reading
Welcome to my Web page! I am a proud graduate of Edgerton (Class of '81). I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from The Defiance College and received my Masters in Education/Administration from BGSU. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Ms. Karen Dominique's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1615
My name is Karen Dominique and I am a 4th-6th grade intervention specialist teacher here at Edgerton Elementary. I have both a bachelor and masters degree in Elementary Education.
Edgerton Elementary
419-298-2331 Ext 1611
4th Grade
Hi, my name is Mrs. Maimee Giesige. I currently teach intervention for grades 4,5,& 6. I am a 2006 graduate from Defiance College and will receive my Master's Degree from Bowling Green University in the Fall of 2011.
Edgerton Elementary
419-298-2332 Ext 1506
In collaboration with teachers, parents, and community members, my mission as the K-8 school counselor is to prepare students with the academic, social-emotional, and college and career readiness skills necessary for success in the 21st Century.
Edgerton Elementary
419-298-2332 Ext.1618
My name is Susan Hug. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree. I continued my education and earned my Master's Degree at Defiance College. I am currently teaching Kindergarten.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 12/12/2013
Mrs. Krill's Profile
419-298-2332 EXT 1532
General Music
Welcome to my class web pages!
Edgerton Elementary
419-298-2332 Ext 1551
Hello, my name is Jodi Landel. I am a graduate of Edgerton High School and excited to be returning as the Elementary Secretary. Go Bulldogs!
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mrs. Janet Leppelmeier's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1501
Librarian Asst.
Hi, my name is Janet Leppelmeier. I am Edgerton's Elementary Librarian. I went to Adrian College and then I graduated from Defiance College with double bachelors' degrees in elementary education and art. I have worked for Standard Publishing in Cincinnati as an educational consultant and have published many Children's Church and Sunday School programs as well as evaluating Sunday School Programs for them. I taught 1st grade and worked on the curriculum committee for 7 years at Washington and Lincoln Schools in the Bryan City Schools.
Edgerton Elementary
419-298-2332 Ext 1524
My name is Julie Meyer. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University. I received my Master's Degree from Marygrove College.
Crystal Miller
Edgerton Elementary
419-298-2332 EXT 1531
3rd Grade
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mr. John Minor's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1502
Physical Education
Welcome to my webpage. I teach elementary Physical education and 7th grade Health.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mrs. Rachel Muehlfeld's Profile
419-298-2332 x 1514
2nd Grade
My name is Rachel Muehlfeld. I received my Bachelor's Degree from Defiance College.I have taught for 11 years and this is my 2nd year at Edgerton Elementary.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/14/2012
Mrs. Wendy Rice's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1616
Language Arts
Welcome! My name is Mrs. Wendy Rice, and I currently teach 6th grade Language Arts here at Edgerton Elementary. In 1997 I earned a Bachelor of Science in Education with a Major in Elementary Education (1-8) from Bowling Green State University and later I returned to graduate in 2000 with a Master of Education with Specialization in Gifted Education (K-12). Feel free at any time to contact me with questions or concerns you may have.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mr. Kermit Riehle's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1552
My name is Mr. Riehle. I am a 1982 graduate of Edgerton Local Schools and received my Bachelor's Degree from The Ohio State University in 1986. I also have just completed my Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Bowling Green State University. This year is my 10th year at EHS as Agricultural Education instructor and FFA Advisor.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 12/08/2016
Mrs. Torrie Saul's Profile
419-298-2331 Ext 1512
Language Arts, Science
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mrs. Kelli Seiler's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1515
2nd Grade
My name is Kelli Seiler. I graduated from The University of Toledo. I have been at Edgerton since 1989.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Ms. Gail Siebenaler's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1613
Special Education
Welcome! My name is Gail Siebenaler. I graduated from St. Francis College with a degree in special education. I am a special education teacher at Edgerton Elementary School.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mrs. Mandy Slabaugh's Profile
419-298-2332 Ext 1604
3rd Grade
My name is Mandy Slabaugh. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Defiance College.
Edgerton Elementary
Last updated: 09/01/2016
Mrs. Sue Winebar's Profile
419-298-2331 Ext 1516
Welcome! My name is Sue Winebar. I currently teach all day Kindergarten. I have been teaching in the field of early education for 28 years. My career began teaching Kindergarten in the Millcreek West Unity schools. Following I taught 10 years at Charlotte's Web Preschool in Edgerton. Beginning in 1994 I have taught Kindergarten and one year of first grade in Edgerton. I received my Bachelor's degree at the University of Toledo and my Master's degree at Bowling Green State University.