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Photo Gallery
Welcome to the Edgerton High Alumni Page
To access the alumni, please proceed to Alumni Links.
School Spirit
Edgerton Fight Song

Hail loyal sons of old Edgerton Local Schools

Wake the echoes cheering her name,

Send the volley cheer on high,

Shake down the thunder from the skies.

Although the odds be great or small,

Edgerton shall win over all,

As her loyal sons go marching

Onward to victory

Edgerton Alma Mater

O, Edgerton, we stand and sing our praise forever more.

Our memories shall hold us close , and ring from shore to shore.

Though times and places all may change,

from you we’ll never part,

Beloved Bulldogs we will be forever joined in heart.

Contact Me!
Mrs. Melinda Cooley
419-298-2331 Ext 1409

Created: Mar 12, 2010
Updated: Nov 2, 2017
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