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Superintendents Message

Mr. Kermit Riehle



Greetings Edgerton community and parents!  The 2018-2019 school year is upon us and the district staff and I are excited to once again work with your child in providing the very best educational experience possible.  I need to especially thank our maintenance and janitorial staff, as well as our technology team for the tremendous effort this summer in preparing the facility for the coming school year.  Many projects have been completed over the summer which have enhanced an already beautiful facility, that I know the community of Edgerton take great pride in. Here are just a few of the projects completed this summer at ELS:

1.       LED lighting throughout the facility, both inside, outside and on the football field.

2.       Renovated stage at the old middle school(TOMS) for performing arts programs.

3.       Newly sanded and stained HS gymnasium floor with new artwork and ELS Logo applied.

4.       HVAC technology upgrade to more efficiently provide heat and air conditioning to the facility.

5.       Newly installed sound system at football, baseball, and track facilities.

6.       Upgrades to landscaping at both elementary, high school, and TOMS entrances.

7.       Expanded 1 to1 Chromebook initiative to grades 7-12.

8.       Arrival of a new 78 passenger Bluebird Bus for the ELS fleet.

As we begin this new school year, we’ll continue to build on our vision of Excellence-Leadership-Service, and our mission of instilling excellence into our students by developing leaders prepared to serve in a global community.  Last year we focused on the identification and recognition of our vision and mission of the district.  This year our focus is the application of both.  Educators and students will be challenged to put them into action.  To “put them in play” or “get in the game”, so to speak, will be our premise for the year.  It’s one thing to claim vision, it’s quite another to put action to those words. 

I am indeed excited for the future of Edgerton Local Schools! I look forward to showcasing the talents of students both academically, athletically and theatrically.  I’m focused on providing opportunities for students who excel in career tech, art, and music as well.  The list could go on and on, but just imagine the excitement of students who are developing trade skills through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math(STEAM) curriculum. We will have that capability in my five-year visionary plan.  My hope for every graduating EHS student is that they’ll not only be prepared both academically and socially for the next step of life, but they will look back over their shoulder at EHS and say to themselves, “Wow, I’m going to miss this place”.

Edgerton Local School’s Back-To-School Open House for students (preschool and grades 1-12) and parents are scheduled for Tuesday, August 14th from 5:00-7:00pm, as well as the Kindergarten Open House on August 7th from 6:30-7:30pm.  Attending open house is always an excellent opportunity to meet your child’s teachers, see the building and classrooms, and help your child overcome any apprehension associated with opening day on the 15th.

As we begin the school year, I would like to welcome Mr. Kevin Wolfe to our district as high school principal.  Mr. Wolfe brings eleven years of administrative experience from the Sidney, Ayersville and Delphos School Districts. Please work with Mr. Wolfe, Mr. Saneholtz, and myself, as we strive to provide a very safe environment for your children.  We are asking each student in grades Pk-6 to enter and exit the building through the east doors of the elementary building near the playground.  For those students picked up or dropped off from school, please use the east parking lot and driving loop, located in front of the old middle school facility. Traffic in the loop becomes very congested if adequate flow isn’t maintained, so please do not permanently park or leave your vehicle for any reason.  If you must park and leave your vehicle, please do so in the east parking spaces.  Also pay close attention to students crossing the path of traffic before and after school.  Although we provide ample supervision before and after school at the pick-up and drop-off zone, we need your help and support in maintaining the safety expectations of the Edgerton Local School District.

 Students of grades 7-12 can choose entry into the building through either the front or northeast entries of the facility. Students who drive will be issued a parking pass for the school year, which must be displayed on the rear-view mirror of the automobile.  Keep in mind that driving to school is a privilege, so practicing safe driving habits in and out of the student lower parking lot, near the baseball field, is imperative.  Driving privileges can be revoked if abused and safety is compromised.

Parents and students, commit a half hour of your time to thoroughly read the first pages of your agenda. The year will operate more smoothly and your students experience here promises to be much more positive, if all parties involved agree, and abide by, the expectations and standards set forth by the Edgerton Local Schools administration team. 

As always I welcome your input and look forward to working with you and your children throughout the coming school year.  Because of the tremendous families, parents, and students represented in Edgerton Schools, I count it a distinct privilege to serve as your district superintendent.  I encourage you stop by my office at any time throughout the year, or call me at your convenience as well, at 419-298-2112.


Mr. Riehle, Superintendent

Edgerton Local Schools

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