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When does the school day begin and end?

The first bell rings at 7:57 a.m., and the last bell rings at 2:56 p.m. Walkers and athletes are released at 3:02.

How many periods are in each day?

Edgerton junior/senior high has 8 periods per day, plus Bulldog Learning Time.  Each period is 42 minutes long. You will have a 3 minute passing period, in which time you get your books for your next class and use the restroom. The Bulldog learning time is 30 minutes in the middle of each day, and that will be a great time for you to reach out to your teachers for extra help.

Who are the principals at Edgerton Local Schools?

Mr. Grieser (grades PK-6), and Mr. Wilhelm (grades 7-12). Mr. Riehle is the superintendent.

How can I stay current on my grades?

Each student is provided a username and password that they will use when logging onto our website:, and going to the tab “Parent/Student Grade Portal”.  Here you will be able to check your grades on a regular basis.  It is also recommended that you and your parents contact the teacher when concerned about a grade. To check grades, students should use s+lunch number for the username (s999999) and their date of birth with slashes and no leading zeros for their password (1/10/0000).

What do I need to know about my locker?

Each student is provided their own locker.   Lockers do not have locks, so you will not want to keep anything valuable in them. Students who wish to lock their lockers may rent locks from the office for a refundable deposit. Students are not permitted to decorate the outside of their locker, unless it is by an approved extracurricular organization. Students are permitted to decorate the inside of their lockers, but magnets must be used, no tape. 

Is my attendance really important?

As always, attendance is very important.   Now that you will have multiple teachers instead of just one or two, it will be more difficult to obtain all of the work missed when absent.  You can read the official attendance policy in the handbook, but remember that attendance is a big priority. 

Does the junior high and high school follow a dress code?

The official dress code can be found in the handbook, but as a general rule of thumb you should not have any skin showing between mid-thigh and shoulders, no hats, and no inappropriate language or content. Remember, respect your image and your education, and dress appropriately. The complete student handbook can be found at .

How do the cafeteria procedures work?

Students eat in three thirty-minute lunch periods: 7th&8th grades eat 11:00-11:30; 9th&10th grades eat 11:42-12:12; and 11th&12th grades eat 12:15-12:45.  There are two lunch options each day, and extra snacks are always available for an additional price.

Can I bring a water bottle to school?

Since the school water fountains cannot be used, you may bring a clear water bottle to school with you. Several classrooms throughout the school have sinks, and you may refill your water bottle in those sinks, if needed.

Do I really have to wear a mask?

Yes, you really need to wear a mask and try to keep space between you and others. The teachers will try to create time throughout the day for you to take your mask off and get some fresh air. Remember to be respectful of others’ opinions on masks.

Am I allowed to bring my electronic devices to school?

All electronic devices must be turned off and in your locker or a pocket during the school day.

What will the hallways look like between classes this year?

Teachers will be encouraging students to limit extra chatting in the hallways this year. Be sure to get your books quickly and arrive at class early. You’ll have the opportunity to wipe down your desk surface before you get started.

What extracurricular activities can I participate in?

As an Edgerton junior high student, you can participate in cross country, volleyball, cheerleading, golf, football, wrestling, basketball, baseball, softball, track, FFA (Future Farmers of America), and the quiz team.  There are additional opportunities as a high school student, includeing marching band, FEA (Future Educators of America), FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and NHS (National Honor Society).

With so many classes, how do I stay organized?

Each student has access to Google Calendar as a way to stay organized. Teachers can add assignments and tests to this calendar, and you add your own assignments, too.  It is recommended that students get a binder with a different color folder for each class to help them stay organized. Need something more? Ask a peer who is successful in class, ask teachers for suggestions, or stop by the guidance office. There are lots of ways to stay organized. You just need to find the strategy that works for you.

What do I do if I want to change my schedule?

Students have five days at the beginning of each semester to change their schedules.  If you would like to change your schedule, you need to complete a “schedule change request form” located in the guidance counseling office. Schedules may be changed for reasons listed in the Curriculum Guide.

What might I need to see the guidance counselor for?

The guidance counselor is here to assist you with any personal, social, emotional, family, academic, college, or career planning questions you may have.  The guidance counseling waiting room is always open, and students are welcome to browse the wide range of academic, college, career, and counseling resources within.

How do I sign up to see the guidance counselor?

If you need to see Mrs. Stark, you can tell your teacher, or come and see her during your lunch, in between classes, or before and after school.   If she is not in her office, you may email Mrs. Stark and request a meeting with her.  She will then send a pass for you as soon as she is available. 

What do I do if I believe I am being bullied?

Edgerton Local Schools prides itself in establishing a school culture of acceptance, tolerance, and respect. Bullying, either physical, mental, emotional, or cyber, can threaten a student’s physical and emotional safety and can negatively impact their ability to learn.  We at Edgerton Local Schools do not tolerate bullying.  If you are being bullied, or see someone being bullied, you need to immediately report it to an adult.

What do I do if I am not feeling well?

If you are not feeling well and need to see the nurse, you simply let your teacher know, or report to the front office during your lunch or in between classes and let them know that you would like to see the nurse.

How do I stay informed?

Alert solutions, google classroom, guidance newsletter, school website, and school twitter are all ways to stay up-to-date.

Will I have my temperature taken?

If you are a bus rider, parents will need to take your temperature before school each day.  Everyone will also have their temperature taken as they enter the school. School doors will open a little earlier than usual to allow time for this process, but please be patient as we get everyone in the school. If you don’t feel well, or you have a temperature, please stay home.
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