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Melinda Cooley - Academy Teacher/Coordinator 

Edgerton Virtual Academy

Edgerton Local School District is committed to the success of all students. Parents and students now have the option to customize their educational options to meet specific goals through Edgerton Virtual Academy. Edgerton Virtual Academy believes these options will promote successful transition to college and career readiness. The Edgerton Local School District is a district within a supportive, rural community.  Students in the Edgerton Virtual Academy will meet and exceed state of Ohio requirements to become self-sufficient, motivated, service oriented individuals with marketable skills.  Students will utilize high quality instructional strategies, modern technology, and family and community resources in a safe environment conducive to learning.

Edgerton Virtual Academy offers face to face communication with the District Coordinator to assists with any issues that may arise.

Edgerton Virtual Academy offers an alternative approach in the way your child receives a quality education.  We invite you to explore the unique and creative possibilities available.

Enrollment Options

Edgerton Virtual Academy is 100% web-based and accessible from any working computer with an internet connection.  Students enrolled in grades 7-12 can complete all coursework at home, or they can receive assistance at regularly scheduled lab office hours. Their progress and attendance is documented through progress reports.

Students enrolled in grades K-6 participate in programming that involves a combination of on-line instruction and self/parent directed activities using text, workbooks, and other appropriate educational materials.

Edgerton Virtual Academy offers a unique educational approach to benefit each student:

We have an educational plan that fits your family’s needs.  Home-schooling and public schooling can be combined to individualize learning.  This design provides a learning environment that best meets your child’s needs.

Students enrolled at Edgerton Virtual Academy are Edgerton Students

  • Participation in the Edgerton sports programs or any extracurricular activities (band, quiz bowl, etc).
  • Progress reports when you want them.
  • Free tutoring.
  • A state of the art computer center.
  • Connections with school, family and community.
  • Meet all Ohio educational standards and curriculum.
  • Career Readiness that prepares for employment.

What is my cost?

All on-line class fees and curriculum expenses are paid by The Edgerton Local School District.  The Edgerton Virtual Academy start-up costs are funded under an Ohio Department of Education Straight A Grant.

Is there a computer I can use?

Students enrolled at Edgerton Virtual Academy will be supplied with a contracted computer while enrolled in Edgerton Virtual Academy if needed.  It is the property of the Edgerton Local School District and there is a small annual insurance fee.

How is the Edgerton Virtual Academy different than other online academies?

Edgerton Virtual Academy was designed with students as our priority.  We provide personal contact when issues arise, along with the combined benefits offered by public and online schooling.  Edgerton Virtual Academy offers NCAA sanctioned courses and AP courses.  Students completing the required coursework will graduate from Edgerton Local Schools with a high school diploma.  We offer the graduation experience that other online schools cannot.
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